It’s funny how differently the HYPERFADE print comes across on gloss white. It has a totally different feel, and maybe my favorite so far. When I first saw it, I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. Some of my friends said it reminded them of “Miami Vice”, but I thought it reminded me more perfectly of a little girls “My Little Pony” bicycle with white tires and the little tassels coming off of the handlebar grips. Maybe a baseball card in the spokes? Regardless, this pedal is so fun and feels like Summer, or maybe the end of Summer. It’s kinda brash and soft at the same time. I have sent out a few of these, and everyone seems to agree that they look even better in person.

Bright and glossy UV print on gloss white powder coating. This is the same white color as the No3. Original DRV circuit, which has not changed since day one,

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Runs on 9v standard (boss style) power. Battery clip or power supply is not included. An isolated power supply is recommended.

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A uniquely designed steel enclosure made with quality components throughout. My goal was to spare no expense. I realize that sometimes in the world of guitar gear, there isn’t always one answer in choosing the best components and designs, so I just picked my favorites. This includes Switchcraft 11 open frame jacks, and a super quiet soft touch switching system via an internal relay.

The DRV is a distortion pedal, based on another pedal with a whiteface graphic. I have been working on this project for the better part of three years, as a collaboration and with engineering by Jon Ashley of Bondi Effects. I feel that the pedal is unique in design and sonically unlike anything I have ever heard, especially in the lower gain and boost settings. There is a subtlety that feels more like a vintage pedal than a modification of a classic. There are two circuits present in the pedal, one distortion and one preamp boost, running at 18v via an internal voltage regulator. I made this pedal with the idea to create a distinction for my own sound, and what I found is that it is an extremely useful tool for capturing a lot of different types of sounds. I am most proud of the lower gain side, as I feel it is the most unique section of the pedal, but I must also include that the gain section is extremely sweet sounding throughout, especially for heavy and complex chords. There is a midrange punch that I love and a warmth and thickness that reminds me a bit of a ribbon mic. When the development of this pedal turned into something new and unique, it became the catalyst to starting 1981 Inventions, so I decided to make this the first official release.